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Although the lack of a routine throughout the Christmas holidays might seem like a blessing to some, it’s a tense and stressful time for many children with disabilities. Despite this, there is a way to cope with this period. Winter break is the ideal opportunity to focus on emotional bonding with your child. Bonding can help bring about a boost of social skills, speech and confidence throughout the entire family.

Below, we’ve listed a few ideas of activities that can help you and your child bond over the winter months.

Art project

Help your child channel their creativity by helping them out in an art project. Encourage them to create something unique in whatever medium they prefer.


Food preparation is a fun and easy way to combine both life skills and sensory integration. Cooking and food preparation is a simple way for families to bond. Try making simple snacks that your child enjoys and then enjoy eating them together.

Play games

Pick an evening and organise a family game night. It’s a fun way to bond with the entire family and depending on your child’s needs, you can select a casual game or a more complicated game.

Outdoor activities

A sunny winter’s day is the perfect opportunity to get outside. If your child enjoys the outdoors, then take them out on a picnic or a short walk in the countryside. Involve them in light-hearted games and activities that’ll keep them interested and integrated.

Thanks to the above activities (and many more), winter break doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you’re patient and are ready to show your child the love and attention they deserve.

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