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When CareMalta decided to start looking into offering services to persons with disabilities, Mrs. Janet Silvio was appointed to focus on starting researching and slowly building up and developing expertise in this sector.

Mrs. Silvio had been employed with CareMalta for five years managing one of the facilities, prior to being offered this new challenge.  Janet’s background is in Accounting and Management, having held top management positions in market leaders’ companies.  In November 2007, she decided to embark in a life changing experience and left work, friends and family to travel around the world.  She spent 18 months visiting far away lands, backpacking her way through an amazing journey which left an indelible mark on her life, especially after her six months stay in India.  There she realized that she wanted to give a u-turn to her life by trying to find a job where she could be of support and help to others.  This opportunity came soon after she landed in Malta, and this is how her journey with CareMalta started.  As years went by she continued re-enforcing her believe that her change of career had to be.  Day after day she felt enriched with the service she and her team were offering to the residents of the facility.

In June 2014, Janet accepted to take on this new challenge as she strongly believes and witnessed that CareMalta can make a difference in people’s lives.  Hila’s mission statement :

“Empowering persons through choice and developing individual abilities towards an inclusive and fulfilling life.”

gives a clear picture of where CareMalta wants to head through Hila.


  • nathalie galea says:

    hy this is so nice .i got a daughter with downs syndrome and i saw all of her friends there .can she join with you bshe ll be very happy with her old friends .her name is nathalie galea she is 32years old .this is the first time that i saw them all .do you thing it is possible to join you pls thank you . mrs galea

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