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HILA’s family is growing and we are looking for full-time/part-time care assistants/support workers. HILA is CareMalta Group’s expert in specialised care, offering a range of services including housing, support and care, learning and development and leisure with a person-centred approach.

With HILA you don’t only get a job but a purpose.

As care assistants/support workers, you will be part of clients’ daily living, their personal care and support in social and vocational skills and participation.

Our promise: we will ask a lot of you – but you will get back so much more. Your hard work willalways be rewarded. The satisfaction of seeing our clients happy and the realisation that you are indeed making a positive difference in someone’s life will be your greatest reward.

You will have opportunities to develop as a person and as a professional – we will support youevery step of the way and make sure that you will feel part of our extended family. Come and help us change lives.

Find out more about working for HILA by contacting our HR Department on 22584200 or sending an email on