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It’s easy to assume that discrimination doesn’t occur and equality prevails for persons with disability. Unfortunately, discrimination still occurs. Despite our abilities, we all have the power and the duty to make society a more inclusive place for everyone. Here are a four ways we can all help make our world more accepting of persons with disabilities.

1. View the community as valuable consumers

Although persons with disabilities are the biggest minority population in the world, they’re the most under-represented when it comes to marketing products and often, they’re the last to be thought of. This stems from the fact that there’s a lot of diversity within the community, however, there’s still a significant purchasing power, despite the lack inclusive element from firms’ part. There have been advancements and we’re beginning to see models with disabilities incorporated into the fashion world. This needs to become the norm and not only be seen as a ‘future’ thought.

2. Employ people with disabilities

Persons with disabilities might receive discrimination in relation to work by being refused a job or denied a final interview. Employers need to to see a person who is willing to work, including his/her disability, as an asset and not a potential liability. If companies in general choose to be inclusive rather than exclusive, they’d be surprised at the benefits that could be reaped for such an incentive.

3. Promote inclusion in schools

How we treat and interact with persons with disabilities needs to start with elementary schools. We need to celebrate our peers for their differences and if this is taught to children, we’ll be promoting a more inclusive society. Integrating all kids in the learning environment will help them appreciate each other’s skills and capabilities.

4. Realise that persons with disabilities are just like everyone else

Sometimes, we tend to forget that a person with a disability is someone with hopes, abilities, talents and grief, just like everyone else. Treating them any differently will defeat the entire purpose and endeavour to be inclusive.

Initially, rights for persons with disabilities came into existence thanks to the people who shouted until their voices were heard and actions were made. Realise that your voice can make a change for generations to come.

At HILA, we support everyone and believe in giving persons with disabilities the power to make their own, individual decisions and choices regarding every aspect of their lives. To see what services we offer and how our respite service can help you, call us today on 21436934 or 79786863.

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