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Guest Post: Mrs. Janet Silvio – Executive Director of HILA


I was very grateful to have witnessed Natalie running the Full Marathon in her last 4k, especially since she had done it for our common love – HILA.

Following the Marathon, in the early hours of the morning, Natalie sent me a long email sharing her journey with me.  She explained it so vividly that i could clearly picture her in every step of the way.

Knowing how thoughtfully she planned her journey makes me smile as it brings so much more to the meaningfulness she had already given to it.

In spirit i was with her throughout, sending positive thoughts her way.  The hour we waited for her went by so slowly…i had one of our group constantly asking me “but where is Natalie? Are you sure she will make it” and i answered that i was sure she would make it since i knew Natalie would never let HILA down, come what may.

The closer we were getting to 11:30 the more my heart was pounding…i knew she was close, and even though i tried to entertain the group, my concentration was to spot her.

Then i saw her from a distance, showing signs of fatigue but still moving on, until she spotted us and i saw her transform.  It was like she was changing her skin to fly higher.

The spark in her eyes when she came close was something truly special which will remain impressed in me.  The spark of strength, courage, resiliance and faith which has brought us both to where we stand today and take us where we have to be in the future.

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