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Lara Grech, Facility Manager DAR Bjorn

Having worked in a critical care setting for 10 years, working at Dar Bjorn felt close to home. Residents need specialised care and attention where the caregivers serve as the most supporting system to clients and their families. Given the medical conditions of the clients, I felt I am able to provide the best care through my experience.

DAR Bjorn is a residential community home that caters to people with ALS, MS, and other Neurological conditions, aiming at improving the client’s quality of life.

Having the right attitude and approach within the workplace and maintaining positive emotional well-being can have a huge impact on employees and staff. For me this is of utmost importance, encompassing also the ability to practice stress-management techniques, be resilient, and generate the emotions that lead to good feelings.

Throughout this year there were many rewarding experiences, but everything boils down to seeing the residents and staff happy at Dar Bjorn, laughing and joking with each other makes my heart want to sing. This gives me the best motivation, and that is my favourite thing about DAR Bjorn.

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