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On Friday 16th September, for the celebration of Jum il-Mosta, HILA and Mosta Local Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding which sealed an important collaboration.

The aim of this agreement is to promote the inclusion of persons with disability within the community, improve accessibility in a holistic way, and raise awareness on this important sector of society.

HILA’s aim is to join forces with different stakeholders to improve quality of life and expand the horizons in various ways.  The first activity organised between HILA and the Mosta Local Council was an open evening at Casa Apap Bologna in Mosta, where a number of families from Mosta were invited to view the house and meet HILA’s management and team.

We are sure that this collaboration will reap fruits in the near future.

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  • Laurence Borg says:

    A commendable initiative. Local Councils should be involved in most issues concerning disability.
    Local Councils should be aware of the identity, needs and shortcomings of disabled persons in their locality.
    Funds should be provided to Local Councils to address and provide opportunities to disabled persons for community participation including facilities for socialising, organising cultural activities and providing accessible leisure, sport and educational opportunities on an equal level as provided to other members of the community

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