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Guest post : Ms. Lynn Aquilina – Creator of our Believe Achieve tag line

“A caterpillar’s struggle to turn into a butterfly reflects the way I perceive life. My life has been a journey of  continuous discovery…the more time goes by the more I learn about myself.  I am finally learning to see my true colors, which has helped me in spreading my wings to fly where I truly belong.

Although to many it might seem that I have accepted myself as a person with disability, I still struggle to live with it and find the reality I live each and every a day as a very challenging one. Living with my disability has been like taming an angry lion. The best way of being in good terms with it is by being in touch with my soul – to experience myself beyond my disability .

And this takes me on a roller-coaster ride. I have to be honest – the urge to make the best out of my life is tiring, leaving me extremely disappointed in the face of countless limitations. The bitter truth is that, sometimes, the only way to move forward is to accept and love my limitations; they are part of me as anything else, they make me who I am.

It’s a constant battle which I fight every day, but I still believe that life is beautiful. And this belief is what keeps me going in my darkest of days – it empowers me to keep aiming for my dreams.

I still have a long way the go, but my journey did start and I will keep going.  One thing is for sure: the day shall come when belief, achieves!

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