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Dorothy Inguanez, Facility Administrative Assistant, Dar Bjorn

I have been working with CareMalta since it opened its doors in 1993 and have always felt happy working with the company. Every morning I have always looked forward to going to work because I know I will find another family at the place of work. I am not saying this just because of this article but it really is something that kept me working with CareMalta Group for all this time.

I am now a Facility Administrative Assistant at Dar Bjorn in Qormi but attaining this post meant that I went through my stages of growth and development within the company. I started as a laundry assistant and then worked as a housekeeper at Casa Arkati.

Working with CareMalta gave me a great sense of satisfaction. Many memories were created which I cherish to this day. I like to talk and listen to our residents especially when residents share life experiences because during this communication, I show them the attention that they need at that moment in time. I was also given the opportunity to follow a programme of studies specifically focused on disability and this programme opened a great opportunity for me to work at Dar Bjorn under the management of HILA Homes.

The opportunity to work with HILA brought new challenges, especially in terms of administrative responsibility but thanks to the support I received both from the management and my colleagues I managed to face these new challenges.

During the time spent working in an elderly care home with CareMalta and now that I work with HILA I make it a priority to remain in contact with the residents, and our clients. This gives me the chance to build a relationship with them to get to know them better and in turn, this improves my ability to work more effectively.

I do feel blessed that I work for a company that apart from offering the best service for care, its main aim is to see its employees grow. If I had to go back in time, I would still make the decision to work with CareMalta Group as I feel that there is a certain loyalty that works both ways – a quality that nowadays is hard to find, build and nourish.

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