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Roselyn has been part of HILA from the very beginning.  She first joined the team of Casa Apap Bologna as a part-timer and is now a full-timer at Dar Bjorn.

Roselyn approached care a few years ago, when she realised how fulfilling it was to care for her parents.  Her siblings had already experience in this field, so they all encouraged her to try and work in this sector.  After some months working in a care home in Mosta, she was approached by HILA to work in the disability sector.  Even though Roselyn had no experience in this sector, she felt prepared to go for this challenge as she felt she had much love to give.  Indeed hers was a success story as Roselyn is a natural in this sector.

Since the start all clients had affinity with her and Roselyn realised that this was her true calling.  Roselyn is now part of the care team at Dar Bjorn, another place where she feels fulfilled.  Nevertheless she is always present in the monthly live-ins at Casa Apap Bologna.  She would not miss them for anything!

Roselyn is very proud to be from Mosta, a city she loves and cherishes.  She is a very active person and always on the go.  A strong character for most, Roselyn is also a very sensitive person for those who know her well.  She is very close to her family and her greatest love and pride are her two daughters.

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