Management Team

Nicolette Sant

Home Manager, Casa Apap Bologna

Following her years of experience after joining CareMalta in 1997, Nicolette, a certified Phlebotomist, in May 2022 has been entrusted with the role of Home Manager at Casa Apap Bologna. Over the years Nicolette has moved up the ranks and worked in all of CareMalta’s homes. Now she is working in another branch of CareMalta’s Group – HILA Homes. Nicolette started her career as a carer at Casa Arkati and she quickly became one of the first group of Senior Carers. Continuing to grow in her career, Nicolette was appointed first-ever Care Ambassador, focusing on training new recruits in CareMalta’s homes. A couple of years later, she was once again entrusted with an unprecedented role – that of Lead Carer at Roseville during the home’s first months of operation. Upon completion of her Diploma in Pragmatic Leadership for Managers, Nicolette was appointed Assistant Facility Manager. After the major refurbishment at Villa Messina, she joined the Villa Messina team and had been appointed Facility Manager.

Renata Zahra

Home Manager, Casal Nuovo

Renata joined CareMalta in 2012. Her first role was as a care assistant at Zammit Clapp. During her 7 years as a Senior Carer Assistant and as a Lead Care Assistant at Villa Messina, Renata was responsible for the care department for 3 years. During the same time, she was reading a Higher Diploma course in Geriatrics and Gerontology, awarded by the University of Malta. In September 2020, she was promoted to Assistant Facility Manager at Casal Nuovo. During that time she was also offered a position as a Designated Manager at Casa Apap Bologna within HILA Homes. This gave her a boost to explore and learn more in the area of disability and mental health – sectors that are very much at heart for Renata. In January 2022, her journey changed direction and she was appointed as Home Manager at Casal Nuovo.

Lara Grech

Home Manager, Dar Bjorn

A critical care nurse by profession since 2011, Lara joined HILA Homes in June 2021 as Home Manager for Dar Bjorn in Qormi. Throughout her years working in the Intensive Treatment Unit, ITU, at Mater Dei, Lara had the opportunity to make a difference during a person’s vulnerable moment in life. This involved working in a fast-paced medical environment which helped her gain communication, interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Being her first experience in management, her current role is a challenging task, but the organization, through its work culture, helps her to acquire experience and sharpen her skills. Lara holds a Degree in Nursing Studies and a Masters in Critical Care awarded by Cardiff University.

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