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It’s been a while since our last post but we have been very busy.

Hila is currently working towards opening Independent Supported Living homes for persons with disabilities.  In preparation for this we felt the need to understand better the needs of our future clients and the best way we could do that is experiencing it first-handedly.

A Live-In weekend was organized for a group of 16 young adults with intellectual disabilities in the second week of September.  This experience was extremely positive for all those involved and by the end of the weekend we were all sad to say our good-byes.  During the time we spent together we learned and appreciated everyone’s individuality and it was very interesting to discover different ways we can all interact with each other.  We worked towards achieving a balance between fun and work to reflect as much as possible a true experience of a group of persons who are living together.

By the end of the weekend we all felt enriched by this intense yet wonderful experience and all look forward to have another one very soon.

In the end of October Hila was granted permission from MEPA to start working on its first Independent Supported Living Home, but we will covering this in our next post…exciting times are ahead of us!

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