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Last weekend in Italy a new Bar/Sandwich Bar was inaugurated, run by persons with down syndrome.

This marks the start of an amazing experience where persons with disabilities are given the possibility to work and develop at the same time.  The first cycle has started with six young men, who will be supported by four other members of staff: a cook, a baker and two bar tenders.

The intention behind this bar is not to serve as a charitable entity but to do business as they believe in the abilities of the persons who will be running it.  What looks like a bar is in actual fact an incubator of abilities and skills and a platform for those who will be working there to learn and be able to find work in other places.

This is not the first place in Europe which has opened with this concept in mind, but we still need more.  All we need is believe in the abilities every individual has and offer them a chance to develop them.  Once that is granted the path will be one of success.

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