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HILA is the new entity originating from CareMalta.  CareMalta has been in operation for 22 years and has a solid reputation of being the largest private operator of older person’s homes in Malta. Given its vast experience in offering nursing, care, support and accommodation for older persons, CareMalta decided to extend its services to another sector in the society, that of disability – and this is how HILA came into being.

The aim of HILA is to offer a range of services to persons with disabilities including advocacy; independent supported living housing; learning and development activities and support services with a person-centred approach.

HILA‘s belief is encompassed in its mission statement:

“Empowering persons through choice and developing individual abilities towards an inclusive and fulfilling life.”

The core values embraced by HILA: Dignity – Choice – Safety – Development and Equality will be applied with the same strong belief and commitment as those embraced by CareMalta.  HILA’s core values also follow closely on the fundamental principles which the National Standards for Residential Homes for Persons with Disabilities base themselves on which are dignity, privacy, choice, safety, development and equality, individuality and diversity.

CareMalta believes that, through HILA, it has all the necessary experience and capability to offer services which will hugely benefit persons with disabilities and will automatically have a positive ripple effect on the whole family, which is the  natural and fundamental group unit of any society.

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