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Paula Sultana – Receptionist at Casal Nuovo

Supporting mental health has always been a subject of interest to me and HILA has given me the opportunity to explore and interact further within this field at Casal Nuovo. For me, HILA’s concept of ‘Extended Family’, is a first in Malta, as one can see in the 3 homes that HILA operates.

HILA has also an inclusive work environment which is beneficial as when employees from diverse backgrounds get together and have equal opportunities to contribute their skills, experience, and perspectives, our clients can then have the best service offered to them.

I feel that HILA’s management offers a strong support network regarding emotional well-being to its employees. Emotional well-being is very important otherwise, I will not be able to function properly and that will affect all those around me which will be especially difficult for our clients as they will not be able to understand the negativity that could arise.

At times, managing mental health at work is challenging because work varies a lot, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed, but I must be a strong person to cope. On the other hand, there are more positive moments than there are bleak ones. One of my ways to cope is joking with my colleagues, who themselves might be having a tough day. I also found out that music helps a lot, especially popular Maltese music which has a feel-good vibe that is also beneficial to our clients as they sing along to them, myself included!

Our clients at Casal Nuovo all have their own unique personalities, that’s what makes them special being who they are with their happiness and appreciation so genuine!

Working at Casal Nuovo is so rewarding because through projects given to our clients, every day, you watch them feel so proud of themselves thus creating positive well-being while practicing HILA’s values: BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE.

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