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HILA Homes is honoured to have been part of the Malta Chamber of SMEs Business Awards and to have placed as 1st Runner Up for the Inclusivity Award.

The Awards Night, organised in collaboration with Malta Enterprise, was held on the 28th of October at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, in Valletta. This is the largest business event held on a national level that aims at recognising wellbeing, innovation, sustainability, smart solutions, and strategies.

The award that HILA Homes placed as 1st Runner Up for targeted private sector initiatives that relate to inclusivity, specifically for persons with disabilities. The Selection Committee took into inconsideration different forms of inclusion measures such as employment of persons with disabilities, services specifically catering to persons with disabilities, and buildings having full accessibility.

As HILA Homes we believe that our nomination for the Inclusivity Award continues to enhance our aim for more engagement, innovation, a sense of belonging, and ultimately inclusivity, not only in our homes but throughout society as through inclusion we unleash the power of diversity.

HILA started researching the sector in June 2014 before introducing its first model in August 2016. Such research is always ongoing in order to introduce new services. The company visited entities already established in Malta as well as models beyond our shores. Networks were created throughout the years both nationally and internationally. One of the most important factors was including all stakeholders in our research, especially persons with disability together with their families along with other professionals. They were vital in determining what services were required and in gaining experience on the various needs. Even our identity was created through collaboration with persons with disabilities.

HILA’s concept of an extended family has proved very successful and the growth of the company in such a short time is testimony to this.

The Leader in Inclusivity Award was sponsored by The Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights.

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