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Last weekend HILA hosted its second Live In Weekend at Casa Apap Bologna.

The check in time was a hustle and bustle of excited voices, hugs between old and new friends and a few shy faces who were experiencing their very first weekend away from home.  The team was also excited since the number of guests was nearly double that of the last live in and they could feel the emotions of the new guests running high, especially when the parents were saying their good byes.

Our guests checked in and settled in their rooms and came down to have tea, which we decided to take outside since the weather was a very pleasant one.  After tea we held an ice-breaker discussion where everyone introduced themselves and we shared what our biggest dream where.  Following this exercise most of our guests expressed the wish to go for a walk so off the team went, strolling and window shopping in Constitution Street.

Everyone was back just in time for dinner…a delicious BBQ prepared by HILA’s caterers, CaterEssence.  We all ate heartily and just in time before the rain starting hitting hard.  Thankfully all gave a helping hand in taking chairs and tables inside, amongst shouting and laughter.  Karaoke was next – cannot say that it was a pleasure to the ears as everyone was shouting at the top of their voices at different rythms!  And so the first day went buy and everyone settled in their rooms to sleep.

We had an early wake up call on Saturday as the plan was visiting the Bird Park.  The visit was one of the highlights of the weekend and all loved the interaction with the park’s creatures.  Once the visit was over a small lunch was served to all before making our way back to Casa Apap Bologna for a rest.  Tea time held a surprise for one of the guests, Daniela Farrugia, who was celebrating her 23rd birthday that weekend.  Daniela could not believe her eyes when we came out with the huge cake singing happy birthday.

Following tea time 3 different activities were organised : make up sessions for the girls; puzzle composing and the most voted for…foot massage.  Small groups entered the multi-sensory room, enjoying a serene environment with soft lights and music and they were guided in relaxation by the voice of one of the team, followed by a short foot massage.  This activity was a hit and it will surely be repeated in our next event.

Following last event’s success we decided to repeat the pizza and movie night, this time though we had a home made pizza which was finger-licking good!  Before dinner some of the guests joined a jamming session held by Claire Tonna – everyone really got into it, clapping and keeping the beat and even dancing!  Following the movie everyone made their way to bed and all slept heavily after the jam-packed day.

Sunday during these live-ins always carries a particular atmosphere as everyone is aware that it will soon be time to head home.  The guests, together with the team, made their way to mass after breakfast, following which we visited The Cake Box, which has now became sort of a ritual during these live ins as everyone really enjoys it.  There were many smiling faces whilst digging in the delicious cakes.

Back at Casa Apap Bolgona, guest where helped by the team to prepare their luggages and collect the used linen.  Lunch was served and we gathered everyone for one last time to ask each and every one what was the thing they liked most and what would they suggest for next live in.  So much happiness was shared during this half an hour, which was the biggest awards the team could receive.

Parents started arriving and the hardest part of the weekend was approaching : our goodbyes.  Hugs, kisses, tears and laughter always marks this special moment, together with promises that we will all meet again soon.  One by one all the guests left…and Casa Apap Bologna was unbearably silent.  The team looked at each other with heavy hearts but renewed energy after witnessing what HILA is creating…an amazing connection which is growing day by day and which will lead to many more HAPPY DAYS!

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  • Laurence Borg says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Their happy faces says it all . Once again well done Hila
    and a big thanks to all those who made it possible..

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