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Renata Zahra, Home Manager, Casal Nuovo

Working with CareMalta for the past 11 years I managed to turn my career into a success story and with the encouragement of the management I have been able to attain personal development and motivation.

My first role was as a care assistant at Zammit Clapp which was an unforgettable experience. On my first day on the job, I remember that one of my tasks was to prepare the beds on the first level as we were expecting new admissions. Then I moved to Villa Messina where I spent 7 years as a Senior Care Assistant and as a Lead Care Assistant. In September 2020, I was promoted to Assistant Home Manager at Casal Nuovo, one of HILA’s homes. During that time, I was also offered a position as a Designated Manager at Casa Apap Bologna, another home of HILA. This gave me a boost to explore and learn more about the area of disability and mental health, sectors that are very much at heart for me. In January 2022, my journey changed direction as I was appointed as Home Manager at Casal Nuovo.

Switching from elderly care to the mental health and disability sector was one of the biggest challenges that I have encountered in my career with CareMalta Group but knowing that you receive constant appreciation from our clients, makes everything worthwhile because it means that we are leaving a positive impact on their quality of life.

The Mental Health Awareness Walk, organised in May 2022, was one of the best initiatives I ever worked on. With this event, HILA created an opportunity for the community to come together and raise awareness to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illnesses by raising awareness about mental health conditions. I felt immense joy in seeing the staff members and clients from Casal Nuovo and Casa Apap Bologna, participating in the walk from the Triton Fountain to St. George’s Square in Valletta. I remember we also had residents from CareMalta’s facilities, that had attended, together with the Chairperson of Vassallo Group, Natalie Briffa Farrugia, the Chief Executive Officer of CareMalta Group, James Sciriha, and HILA’s CEO, Janet Silvio.

I believe that after 30 years CareMalta Group still manages to fulfil the true meaning of care and that is what makes the company a leader in this sector, where every resident comes always first.

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