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When we refer to the clients’ rights in healthcare, we usually refer to the rights, duties and obligations exercised in a relationship between client and care provider. Creating a comfortable environment for our clients is important to us.

Here at Hila we incessantly ensure that our standards are always high. We understand that persons with disabilities belong to a mixed group of people with different experiences, ambitions and support requirements.

While we understand that living an independent life is important, we also recognise the need of support required by every individual. We understand that certain individuals need some support, others need a lot of it.

This support can take the form of personal help and/or assistive activities, especially for persons with a physical disability, or support when participating in daily activities, for persons with an intellectual disability. When such support is given, the comfortable environment the individual wishes to experience is almost certain.

We identify the fact that persons with disabilities tend to encounter different problems, at varied degrees, most of which are related to physical or sensory difficulties. Our philosophy cultivates the belief that every person has the right to access quality services that meet his/her needs, whatever the type of disability he/she has.

Setting a good standard when offering our respite services is imperative to us. All our programmes are designed specifically for persons with disabilities.

Our number one objective is to provide a variety of services to people with disabilities including housing, learning and development and leisure with a person-centred approach. Our success is based on solid foundations and values. After all, the five pillars Hila thrives on are choice, dignity, safety, development and equality. We strongly believe that without these values our team would not be the organisation it is today, one which creates the comfortable environment which ensures peace of mind.

Creating a professional, comfortable and welcoming environment has its challenges, but through perseverance, teamwork and an unswerving devotion, we’re able to promote a the best of service that ultimately, we hold close to our hearts.

If you’d like to know more about Hila and all the respite services it offers, contact us today, we’re always ready to help!

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