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Casal Nuovo, previously St. Joseph Convent, was built in the 1930s as a Borders’ School and a residence for the Sisters of St Joseph.

A beautiful property situated in the heart of the Paola community with its strategic location making it fully accessible to shops, public transport, and coffee shops amongst other things.

Casal Nuovo is a therapeutically enriching environment, where healing is engrained and its clients’ stability and well-being are nurtured. A warm, welcoming and familiar environment promotes a sense of calmness which is key for recovery as well as instrumental for safety.

A lot of emphasis was placed by the inter-disciplinary team in Casal Nuovo’s design. Apart from the functional element, we have also concentrated on the psychological element since this will impact on the expectations and perceptions clients will have of themselves, the team who works with them, and the services they are receiving.

Features of Casal Nuovo

  • A state-of-the-art design based on Universal design
  • A kitchen catering to all dietary requirements
  • Fully equipped laundry facilities
  • 62 beds distributed on 3 separate floors, with floor 3 and floor 4 further sub-sectioned into smaller independent units
  • Single rooms to cater to clients with specific needs
  • Double occupancy rooms to foster peer support and a therapeutic community
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Access controlled environment
  • Noise reduction control features
  • Quiet room for de-escalation management
  • Big living and dining areas in level 2 and two living and dining areas in levels 3 and 4 (per unit)
  • Safe smoking area on every floor for each unit
  • Nursing station on each floor and treatment room on 2 floors
  • Alcove for meeting visitors on Level 1
  • Recreational/Therapy/Multi-Purpose Room
  • Tempered glass in all windows to ensure safety
  • Conservatory Area
  • Recreational Yard
  • Healing Garden

Amongst services offered:

  • A detailed tailor-made care plan
  • Person-centered care through Personal Support Assistants
  • A Team Leader overseeing all services in the home
  • Specialised habilitation services
  • Household maintenance
  • Access to community services
  • Mentorship activities
  • Pre-vocational services including teaching and training experience

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