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Casa Apap Bologna is a beautiful town house situated in the heart of Mosta.

Previously owned by a magistrate, it carries with it an element of prestige as a highly renowned home in its area. The house is strategically located in the centre of the community, serving well those residents who would wish to avail themselves of services offered within the area, since everything is within close distance. It’s positioning also promotes inclusion, which is something HILA strongly believes in.

Features of Casa Apap Bologna

  • Light-colored furniture especially in the bedrooms to promote a restful environment,
  • Soft color furnishings deprived of patterns,
  • High ceilings promoting a sense of space,
  • Natural lighting, Light and water-sensor system bathrooms,
  • Accessible signage, A ground floor area featuring all common areas including a multi-purpose room for in-house activities;
  • A main kitchen catering for all dietary requirements of its guests;
  • A multi-sensory garden;
  • Three floors consisting of 24 rooms accommodating a total of 12 residents per floor. The mix is be made up 8 rooms with single-occupancy and 16 rooms with double-occupancy. Rooms have en-suite facilities.
  • One room set up with a ceiling hoist system;
  • An accessible kitchen and dining area on Level 1 and Level 2 to cater for guests and staff;
  • A multi-sensory room on Level 1;
  • A creativity/games room on Level 2;
  • A launderette at Penthouse Level;
  • A staff chill out area at Penthouse Level

Amongst services offered:

  • A detailed tailor-made care plan
  • Person-centered care through Personal Support Assistants
  • A Team Leader overseeing all services in the home
  • Specialised habilitation services
  • Household maintenance
  • Access to community services
  • Mentorship activities
  • Pre-vocational services including teaching and training experience


Casa Apap Bologna’s primary operation is to offer respite services. Respite services are short stays which can range from an afternoon to weeks, depending on individual needs. Different packages can be offered and a detailed care plan will be drafted together with the client and relatives to ensure peace of mind to all.

Day Programmes

Casa Apap Bologna has a range of day programmes which can be tailor-made according to individual needs and wishes.

Looking for Advice?

Your request will be answered withing 24 hours