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William Stevely was born 50 years ago in Scotland, the land of big skies, lonely landscapes, spectacular wildlife and hospitable, down-to-earth people.

For the  majority of his working life, William worked in the manufacturing industry as a mechanic.  It’s when he turned 40 that he decided to go for a thorough career change and do something worthwhile.   Following that decision, William went back to studying in order to become qualified in the new career path he had chosen.  He specialized in  working with persons with disability as well as in challenging behavior.  Back in Scotland he started working as a personal assistant in the clients’ private residencies.

Since then William never looked back.  For him this new journey has been amazing and led him to meet persons from different walks of life.  The knowledge that he has touched lives in a positive way through his work, gives him an immense joy.  This journey has thought him, and still is, many life lessons.  One of the most important ones is that when you care for a person with disability, the care does not stop with the child you are caring for but it extends to the family.  Helping them to deal with their every day realities and allow them to take a step back and rest with the peace of mind their child is being taken care of, is priceless.

This journey took William away from his home country in 2012, and made him settle in Malta.  Since then he worked both in the elderly sector as well as in the disability sector, and in April 2017 he started working full-time with HILA as a Personal Support Assistant (Key Worker).

William has been married for the past 30 years and is the proud father of two beautiful daughter as well as a grandfather.




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