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Born 39 years ago, Sandra has been brought up in simplicity and with strong family values.  These values have reflected Sandra even in her workplace. 

Prior to working with HILA, she was employed for 22 years with CareMalta, first as a Domestic and then as a Housekeeper at Zejtun Home.  Sandra always showed an unconditional love for the elderly residents, which love was reciprocated by all residents.  Her decision to move on to HILA was a very tough one as she had to leave behind her second family.  Meeting HILA’s clients for the first time sealed the deal in her heart as she instantly felt the need to be part of this and make a difference in these persons’ lives.

Sandra is also a very dedicated mother.  In fact, she spends most of her free time with her son as well as with her family and loved ones.  Sandra loves watching drama on Maltese television and is also an avid lover of the Carnival in Malta.  She participates annually to the celebrations as part of Shaker Dancers and is always wearing a stunning costume.  This year the celebrations were extra special for her as several clients watched her during one of the performances.

Sandra covers the role of Personal Support Assistant (Key Worker) within HILA’s team.

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