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One week following the introduction of Casa Apap Bologna to the public, HILA organised its first Live-In Weekend.

Excitement was in the air when guests started arriving – HILA’s management and team were eagerly awaiting them around and get their first impressions.  It was hard controlling the enthusiasm of the group but finally we managed to convince everyone to start settling down.  Room mates were chosen and the staff, together with the guests, made up their beds and settled their things in the closets, before coming down for tea.

Everyone was chatting lively during tea, talking about the home and getting to know each other.  After tea everyone was briefed on what the weekend plans were, after which everyone was off playing games in the garden.  When exhaustion started kicking in, it was time for a quick shower and the much awaited Pizza and Movie Night.

On Saturday, after eating a delicious English Breakfast, the group set off to spend the morning in a pool.  Needless to say it was a very eventful morning and everyone loved dipping and jumping in the pool as well as enjoying the sun.  Once back at Casa Apap Bologna it was time for a quick shower and some crafts and life skills activities, followed by a nap in preparation of the night’s BBQ.  The atmosphere was very serene and everyone was happy just of being with each other.

Sunday morning the team and our guests attended mass at The Mosta Dome followed by a special treat – coffee and cake at The Cake Box.  It’s impressive how many smiles and happy faces you can get when in front of you, you have a delicious piece of cake!  Back home, it was time to clear up the rooms and pack the luggage before setting up the table for lunch.  After a delicious lunch the team, together with the group, helped out in clearing up and washing dishes.

In the last couple of hours everyone gathered in the lounge area to watch TV but most were coming and going to take the last photos together and with the team.  Slowly slowly, the guests started being picked up and everyone had to say their good-byes.  Hugs, tears and laughter were inevitable, but it was heart-warming to see the spark in everyone’s eyes and their eagerness to spend another weekend together.  This, together with the satisfaction in the parents’ words, makes us at HILA determined in doing much more.

Now back to more planning – until the next one!

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