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On Thursday 10th August, Casa Apap Bologna celebrated the Mosta feast as well as it’s first anniversary from when the first Live In was held.

Since then, Casa Apap Bologna has been filled with joy brought along by all its clients.  These weekends created new experiences and new friends as well as a possibility to experience many happy moments.  The clients also have the chance to integrate with others and within the community.  Apart from having regular clients who attend these weekends every month as well as during the week for respite services, Casa Apap Bologna regularly receives new interest for persons to join, giving confirmation of the positive impact the Team and the Home’s environment is having on its clients.

Hon. Anthony Agius Decelis, together with his wife and daughter, visited Casa Apap Bologna on the day to be introduced to the home and to its clients.

The evening went by through laughter and dancing and the surprise grand final left everyone flabbergasted.  The Mosta Band walked into Casa Apap Bologna to perform some of its tunes, making this special night end with a touch of magic!



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