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Our aim in the first live in weekend, was to offer a unique experience to our clients.  We wanted our clients not to forget the experience and to wish for it to be repeated.  Through this first live in we have met so many amazing persons, most of whom are still coming today to the Live In Weekends at Casa Apap Bologna.

These are the reasons why:

Spending a weekend away is a first step towards independence

Irrespective of what disability a person has or what is the level of dependency, going away from home for a weekend gives a sense of independence to those who experience it.  At HILA our staff is trained to support all individuals and we use a person-centred care approach.

Our holistic approach identifies the needs of the clients which are then put into context during the live-in experience.  We also ensure that our clients learn new skills every time. For some it could be washing a plate, for others tying a shoe lace, sometimes it’s something as simple as answering yes with a nod.  All these small things pave the road to increased independence, every little step counts!

A live in weekend gives the possibility to make new friends

New environments create new opportunities, and the live-ins at Casa Apap Bologna are the perfect venue to make new friends.

Whether it’s someone to watch a movie with, a dance partner, a team mate to play bowling or simply someone to have a chat with, at Casa Apap Bologna we make sure to have it all.  Our live-in weekends are structured in such a way as to all freedom of expression to everyone and different opportunities to make friends through various experiences.

It’s heart-warming to watch new friendships born during our live-ins and to see others which are now truly consolidated.

It helps you discover what your son and daughter is able to do without you

In all circumstances, having your son or daughter away from home for a short while, helps them in gaining some maturity which they otherwise won’t get by always staying home with the parents.  Parents may tend to over-protect their loved ones to ensure nothing bad happens to them and that they are cherished in every way.

At Casa Apap Bologna we treat everyone as equal, always keeping in mind everyone’s needs and limitations, but always encouraging our clients to do more.

A weekend break  gives renewed energy to the care giver

A live-in weekend is not only beneficial to our clients who come at Casa Apap Bolgona but also to the care givers.

Being a care giver of a person with disability is tiring.  Irrespective of how much you love your son or daughter, resting is crucial to keep this up.  Having your child away for a short while will allow the care giver to do things which are usually over-looked or kept aside.  It could be a quite night out in a restaurant, a visit to a dentist or doctor, a shopping morning or even an uninterrupted night of rest.

All these may be run-of-the-mill for many, but for someone who is caring for a person with disability they are treats which sometimes they cannot afford due to time restrictions.  Sending your son or daughter to a live-in weekend will help in giving a much-needed energy renewal.

It’s such a great experience!

Finally, the main reason why to join a live-in weekend at Casa Apap Bologna is because it’s such a great experience!

The atmosphere during these weekends is one of joy of happiness.  There is never a dull moment and it certainly feels like an extended family have met for a festive re-union.  These weekends have proven to be extremely beneficial to all and we are very happy that each month we have repeated clients whilst always keeping adding up new clients to our extended family.


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