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HILA (Home to Independence and Limitless Abilities) is the new entity set up by CareMalta Group.

The aim of HILA is to offer a range of services to persons with disability including housing, learning and development and leisure with a person-centered approach.

Our Values

We believe in Choice. All individuals deserve the right to make their own choices, be accepted by society and be included in the community. We will ensure that our clients will enjoy their independence, follow their interests and feel that they are contributing towards building their own lives.

We nurture Dignity. Treating every person with the respect and worthiness they deserve is a value we don’t compromise on.

We ensure Safety. All our practices and our environments are designed with safety in mind.

We support Development. A person-centered approach ensures the success of any development programme.

We promote Equality. By celebrating diversity and looking at each other without any prejudice, we define the fundamentals of equality


Empowering persons through choice and developing individual abilities towards an inclusive and fulfilling life.

Message from the CEO

HILA was born and meant to be different. Through the motivation and inspiration, we get from our clients, and the trust we have earned over the years, we have created and successfully introduced new models of care to our islands.

HILA strongly believes in the importance of kinship and extended family, where all individuals are respected, supported, and seen in their uniqueness. Our achievements are made possible through our dedicated teams who share our mission and vision. Every day brings forth new challenges and rewards; moments we share and treasure.

HILA provides everyone involved with space to be oneself. The experiences we share are life-long lessons and inspire us to become better persons for ourselves and for those we support.

"Well done to the team for the work you do in HILA. Clients are genuinely happy at Casa Apap Bologna. "

Tessie Bonnici

"Thank you HILA for making our son welcome at Casa Apap Bologna. He loved his stay there and was very happy. We will come again for sure."

Sylvia Zerafa

"The live ins are such fun, with a pre-planned programmes that’s full of activities and outings. My daughter just loves going and looks forward to each one of them. The staff are gentle, dedicated and jolly. Keep up the good work. An excellent respite home as should be. "

Lucienne Cauchi

Hila makes Christa smile and gives her something to really look forward to. we see the videos of the last live in you had every day. Your work is priceless.”

Lucienne Cauchi

I am so happy that he is settling so well. I feel that there is another home for him when it is needed. You have fantastic carers and I am sure that Wayne knows that they love him so much. Please pass my big THANK YOU to all.”

Doreen Falzon

I want to thank you and the whole staff for the great service you gave us during last weekend. Everyone enjoyed the stay and praised the staff and the clean environment” Daniela Schembri

Land Group

“She feels so much at ease with you, your team and her friends that it generates a good and peaceful atmosphere and it is all down to you and your team for striving to make their time there as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.”

Simone Manduca

"I hope that this will develop into a good opportunity for Sarah's future. Please keep us updated with future developments and activities."

Sue Micallef

"I know for a fact that he enjoyed it a great deal too! thanks again for your feedback, and for putting so much dedication in what you have done so far. It is very evident. I`ve heard positive comments from other parents too.”

Laura Borg

"Ivan was very happy and keeps asking when the next sleepover is! I’m sure there was a LOT of work involved and you and your team did a great job. A big thank you ALL.”

Simonide Racati Chapelle

"Luca enjoyed himself a lot, did not complain of anything and would like to attend again. The fact that there were a series of constant activities including going out of Casa Apap Bologna made it quite enjoyable."

Ronald Calleja

"I would just like to say Thankyou very much for looking after Leanne last weekend she came home very happy and was telling us all about it. She is now looking forward to the next time."

Lorraine Chircop

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